Preparing For Your Boudoir Experience

Congratulations! You did it! You faced your fears, put yourself first for the first time in a long time and you booked your boudoir experience and now you are so very excited and not the least bit nervous, right? Just kidding. I’m sure you are a little bit nervous and I would never joke about you being excited for your session, of course you are excited! Not only do you get to rock a kickass boudoir session but you get to hang out with Jarrett and I for a day which is pretty much going to be your favourite part. Ok, your favourite part will be your amazing photos, increased confidence and bringing out your inner goddess but hanging with us will definitely be high on your list of awesome things you’ve done.

Being nervous is a completely normal feeling; you are after all getting photos done at a pretty vulnerable time but not to worry, Jarrett and I are here to make sure your session is as fun and relaxing as possible. The first way we are going to help put your mind at ease is by providing you a list of everything you need to do when preparing for your boudoir shoot. If you are anything like me, having lists definitely helps lower my stress level and if you are not like me and lists don’t make you feel all warm and cozy, well, we have wine.

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Make sure you drink lots of water leading up to the shoot and on the day of. Your skin will be your main outfit so show it a little extra love before your shoot. Exfoliate, moisturize and drink water and once the shoot is over keep doing this. You are totally worth the few extra minutes this self-care will take. You can thank us later.

2. Try on all your outfit options to ensure everything fits like you remember it. Our bodies change so much over time, an outfit that once looked fabulous on could suddenly have you wondering what the hell you were thinking purchasing such a horrid piece. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there so we totally understand but we’d rather you find out at home rather than in studio. We don’t want anything messing with your strong, sexy vibes!

3. Get fitted for a bra. Head to a local lingerie store for a proper bra fitting. Getting a bra that fits could be the difference between mediocre photos and stunning images. Once you get the perfect bra go ahead and get yourself the matching panties.

4. Stay away from g-strings and thongs. While incredibly sexy, these can make your bum look a little flat and nobody wants that. A cute pair of boy shorts or hipster panties can go along way in creating numerous looks when paired with an oversized sweater or his button up. Save the thongs for a cute teddy or paired with a corset!

5. Bring something of his! Bringing his dress shirt and tie can be over-the-top sexy or bringing his favourite jersey paired with cute panties and knee-high socks.

6. Shoes–3 inches or more are ideal, the higher the better. Black is a staple, nude is great for most outfits. Heels have a way of bringing out all the sexiness our legs have to offer!

7. Jewellery—bring statement pieces. Think big necklaces, pearls, big earrings and bring a variety.

8. Stockings—make sure your stocking fit well, especially the ones that have the rubber stay ups. If they are too tight they will cause a very unflattering dent in your legs. Also remember to bring a spare as stockings can easily rip.

9. Corsets and bustiers are always welcomed!

10. Nothing at all! If you’re vision is to be photographed completely nude or tangled in the sheets then just bring yourself and we will make your vision a reality.

11. If you colour your hair, make sure you schedule a touch-up the week before your shoot. You’ll be cursing yourself when all you can notice in your stunning pictures is your inch long roots that should have been covered.

12. Get a mani pedi before. Spending a few hours getting pampered is never a bad thing. Make sure your fingers and toes are ready for their close up with a fresh new coat of paint. Try to stay away from bright, bold colours as they will distract from the main event (you!) and go for something like a French manicure or muted neutrals like gold or grey.

13. If you are planning on shaving or waxing for your shoot please do so a few days before. Nothing kills your sexy vibe more than when you are self-conscious about red razor burn or bumps from a fresh wax.

14. Make sure all of your outfits are hung up and wrinkle free. We can freshen up the outfits with a bit of steam but it definitely saves time and keeps the flow going if everything is ready to go.

Please don’t be afraid to reach out for advice or recommendations. If you have questions we are happy to answer them for you. If you are unsure of an outfit option, just bring it anyway. We will advise on what looks the best and what will photograph the best and trust us; sometimes you least favourite outfit ends up being your favourite photos.

If you haven’t booked your Boudoir Experience and want to, contact us now!

Take care,


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