Busting Excuses

We’ve heard it all. Hell, I’ve said them all. Anytime Jarrett would ask me to do a boudoir shoot I came up with all the typical excuses. My go to was always “I need to get into better shape”. You see I still struggle with the new me after having kids and while I am getting better at embracing it, I am still learning to love my journey. Although I haven’t done a full boudoir shoot yet (we’ve decided that it would be better for me to get the full experience with another photographer rather than have Jarrett do mine for me) we have done some practice shoots and I must say I am always shocked at how much better I look in the picture than how I see myself in my everyday. Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing but don’t let that or any of these excuses stand in your way of getting the boudoir shoot of your dreams. Lets start busting those excuses.

Excuse #1: I have to lose weight/get in shape first.

To put it bluntly, nope you don’t. Women who say that are usually afraid of what they are going to see and I can tell you from experience you will be thrilled and if anything like me, mildly shocked. Now we aren’t saying you should abandon your exercise or weight loss journey if that is something you’ve committed to for health or wellness reasons, however it absolutely isn’t necessary to wait to get to your ideal weight or shape. We believe every woman is beautiful right now. Embrace, celebrate and love yourself as you are today. Love the journey, not just the destination.

Excuse #2: I am too self-conscious/shy.

I am seriously the most awkward person around a camera. I absolutely cannot act normal when I know there is a camera around me but Jarrett can always get great pictures of me, even when I’m at my most awkward, which is always. Also, once you see Jarrett demonstrating the poses you will be giggling so hard you may actually forget you are the one in front of the camera, which can result in some amazing shots. Our job is to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable enough to get some candid photos of you. Often those candid shots will end up being the most sexy and natural looking.

Just for reference to my awkwardness, if any of you have seen the episode of Friends when Chandler and Monica are getting engagement photos done, I am Chandler. Super awkward. For those of you that haven’t seen that episode, do yourself a favour and google Chandler and Monica Engagement Photos.

Excuse #3: I am too old for a boudoir shoot.

I know this sounds terribly cliché but age is just a number. Do you want a boudoir shoot? If the answer is yet then don’t let something so trivial stand in your way of getting it. You deserve this! You deserve to treat yourself and give this to yourself and something like the number of years you’ve been on this earth shouldn’t stand in your way. Often mature women have a confidence about them that only comes from life experience. That confidence is unbelievably sexy and powerful

Excuse #4: I don’t own any sexy lingerie.

You don’t need it! Do you have a favourite little jacket, a soft, oversized sweater that falls off the shoulder? How about a button down shirt of your significant others or a killer little black dress? Now, think about any of those options paired with a cute pair of panties or cotton briefs and a bra. Or even no bra? Deconstructing everyday outfits can often be even more suggestive than some pricey lacy and strappy lingerie. Or one of our personal favourites is a simple bed sheet. If strategically placed it can give the illusion of nudity, which is incredibly sexy.

Excuse #5: I can’t afford a boudoir session.

Now we totally get it that finances can be a big issue. Sometimes we really think we don’t have any room for nonessential treats. However, just like saving for a special girls’ night out or a long weekend away, a boudoir shoot is a little self-love experience you can also put money aside for. We understand you may not have several hundred dollars at this very moment but we can absolutely work with that. We offer prepayment and payment plans so we can make your dream boudoir shoot come true. Trust us, this is one moment you won’t regret investing in yourself.

Excuse #6: I’m not married and don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend to give the photos to.

Do this just for you! Even if married or in a committed relationship, this should be for you. So often women start out booking a boudoir session with the intentions of giving the album or wall art as a gift to their partners but the experience and images become much more of a gift for them.

Excuse #7: Spending money on myself this way is frivolous.

This is not about splurging on a cute purse or pair of shoes. This is an investment in your self-confidence, this is an investment in your self-worth, and this is an investment in you. I bet you can count on one hand the number of times (if there are even any) that you really splurged on yourself. For me I know that number is pretty low. Now think about the number of times you’ve splurged on your kids or spouse. How many times have you bought them things that they absolutely did not need but you got it anyway because you knew they would love it and it would make them smile. I bet that number is significantly higher isn’t it? Don’t you think it’s time for you to start showing yourself and your family you are as valuable as they are?

Now that we’ve covered most, if not all of the excuses you’ve used to not book your session, please reach out so we can talk about all the reasons why deserve a boudoir session!

Take care,